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Thorazine shuffle

Well now you take your right arm and you shake it all around,
and then you open up your mouth and you drool on the ground,
and then you try to speak but you just mumble a lot,
so you hold onto your head, cuz it's the only one ya got,
and then you're doing the shuffle, the Thorazine shuffle.

  – Never Mind the Sex Pistols, Here's Bongos, Bass, Bob

        We have to remember that we are not treating diseases with this drug. We are using a neuropharmacologic agent to produce a specific effect. ~ Dr. E. H. Parsons, 1955

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for prompt control of acute alcoholism Thorazine for alcoholism thorazine helps reduce reaction to pain Thorazine for anxiety
not all cases of asthma are suitable for thorazine therapy Thorazine for asthma relieves the emotional stress that complicates somatic disorders Thorazine for arthritis
relief from suffering and mental anguish Thorazine for burns put a curtain between them and their pain Thorazine for bursitis
relief from suffering and mental anguish Thorazine for cancer relief from suffering and mental anguish Thorazine for cancer-phobia
increases amenability to supervision Thorazine for child behavior disorders dampens primitive fight-flight responses Thorazine for hyperkinetic children
Thorazine reduced the intensity and frequency of hiccups Thorazine for hiccups calms without clouding consciousness Thorazine for hostility
delusions of grandeur subside rather promptly Thorazine for mania Thorazine is one of the most important methods used in the treatment of mental illness. Thorazine frees the mind
facilitates the management of menopausal patients Thorazine for menopause denudative patients who need effective tranquilizing and need it fast Thorazine for mental defectives
abolish the emotional turbulence that adversely affects digestion Thorazine for peptic ulcers the psoriatic process can be beneficially influenced by thorazine Thorazine for psoriasis
Thorazine permits radiotherapy to be carried out as planned. Thorazine for
radiation sickness
On thorazine, the patient accepts her affliction philosophically. Thorazine for skin disorders
for chronic schizophrenics resistant to all psychiatric therapies Thorazine for schizophrenia doctor what can you do for pop Thorazine for senility
for prompt sustained relief from mental and emotional stress Thorazine for stress another new use of thorazine Thorazine for surgery
prompt control of nausea and vomiting Thorazine for vomiting Thorazine an agent you can rely on for weeks, months - or years. Thorazine for years and years
photograph is professionally posed You can't tell me anything new
about Thorazine
hospital personnel save time in busy wards Thorazine saves time in busy wards
reduces need for shock therapy and lobotomy Thorazine calms disturbed patients withdrawn apathetic patients also can benefit Thorazine benefits nondisturbed patients
more patients can be treated in the community Thorazine keeps
patients out of
mental hospitals
The discharged mental patient... and Thorazine. Thorazine maintans former patients
reduces need for electroshock therapy Thorazine replaces electroshock chemical restraint is sacrosanct Thorazine makes physical restraint obsolete
injection should be given slowly deep into the upper outer quadrant of the buttock Thorazine profoundly calming symptomatic control of almost any kind of severe excitement Thorazine a selective neurologic depressant
a fundamental drug in psychiatry Thorazine a fundamental drug in controlling anxiety tension agitation confusion delirium or hostility Thorazine a major advance
chase away the disease-causing spirit Thorazine modern basic tool of western psychiatry Thorazine basic
helps keep the real in reality Thorazine reality before the revolution Thorazine revolution
to restore them to their senses Thorazine surprise From A (agitation) to Z (zoara) many symptoms and conditions respond to thorazine brand of chlorpromazine. Thorazine from A to Z

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